segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

How to plant in our house

1 - I will choose a place where the sun happens the least a parcel of the day, that either plain or lightly inclined and that is moved away from private and sewers.
2 - It cleans the chosen place, removing the rocks, twigs and the weeds. 3 - It makes fluffy and it prepares the land to plant the seeds. It follows the following ratio: land mixed approximately 10 liters of organic seasoning and 200 grams of flour of bone for each square meter.
4 - It spreads the land for the seedbed and approximately makes hollows of 5 cm of depth.
5 - To planting, it sees in the packings of the seeds which it is the distanciamento (space enters the seeds) more indicated and deposits them in the hollows.
6 - It closes the hollows with land and it waters the days all, in the end of the afternoon.