sábado, 11 de junho de 2011

Urban Vegetables cultivation

plants of the size of one carries Many homes, especially in the urban areas, possess little space for the plantation of cultures or vegetables. However, it are of almost all the houses has a ground area displayed. The ground can be hard or barren, and the people frequently do not consider the possibility to use it to plant vegetables. However, it is a form to use this space not used for one here horta very small. She marks an area of the size of a door (more or less 1m x 2m). She digs the land until arriving at the depth of the height of the knee. If the land will be very hard, will not be easy! It has care to keep the superior layer of the land (of darker color) in a separate mount of the subsoil (of clearer color and with more rocks). It lines the hole with organic gram and other materials. Part to bring the organic domestic garbage of that day and to place it in the hole - vegetable rinds, old paper and egg rinds. If it will be able to get animal estrume, also places it. When the ditch will be full until the half, has spilled water to make marshy the garbage. Later it places the subsoil and, to follow, the superior layer of the land. It plants rows of seeds of vegetables and grass. Some useful plants, that provide to flavor and vitamins for the familiar feeding, are the tomatoes, spinach, hortaliças of traditional leves, chilis, beanses, carrots, onions and all the types of grass. It looks for to cultivate the plants highest, such as the tomatoes and the trepadeiras of beanses, in the way. It covers with vegetal substance - a fine layer of gram, straw, similar chaff of rice and things - and waters well. The served domestic water is ideal, since that it does not contain soap excessively. If possible, it gets an old basket slope and it threads it in the way it seedbed. Throughout some weeks, it fulls it with vegetal residues and harmful grass. It waters mainly through this basket later that the young plants will be established. This makes with that more nutrient vegetables are taken with the water for the ground. Now it decides the house of who will be next horta to the size of a door. Perhaps if it will have space, you can construct several of them.

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