sábado, 11 de junho de 2011

Cultivate vegetables

As to cultivate vegatables We do not need to live in the field to have the gostosa satisfaction to produce part of foods gifts in our table. Where to plant? In the yard of house or the garden, in varandas and drawn, at last, in any space where it has light, water and land. Some plants require direct insolation, others prefer a stocking-shade. But, in the generality, all need, at least, five hours of daily, direct or indirect light. How to plant and to prepare the land? In the yard and/or garden, it cleans the area first and it removes, after that, a land layer with a handspan of depth. It fills the socket with seasoning or organic composition, in the ratio of twenty liters for square meter. In the case of its house not to make use of a yard with land, provides vases, caixotes or cans that have, at least, twenty centimeters of depth. It prepares these containers in accordance with the following instructions: • It makes punctures in the deep one of the container to drain the water. • It covers, to follow, the punctures with cacos of a broken adobe roofing tile or vase. • Over the cacos, it places, successively, a pebble layer (of two the five centimeters) and another one of washed sand (of river or construction). • Over the previous layers, it makes use a good land layer fofa, prepared with organic composition or esterco tanned well, wooden vegetal land, serralho and seasoning of earthworm. One remembers that, in case that the composition not yet is mature, the option also exists to manage húmus in the ground, in the ratio of two liters for each square meter.

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