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Learn to cultivate horganic and healthy food at home

It learns to make Hortas Organic and to cultivate healthful foods You have one cantinho in the yard or varanda of the apartment that catches sun at least some hours of the day? Then the good notice is that you can cultivate its foods of organic form, in its same house without very effort. If you will have space to make a seedbed in the garden or the yard, excellent! If he will not have, not if he despairs: of the one to also cultivate in vases and gardenings! Attention for our important tips: To plant in vases or gardenings: Step 1: Terço of the vase or gardening with pedriscos or expanded clay full one to facilitate the draining. One remembers that the vases must have punctures for draining in the deep one. Step 2: It places in the vase the following mixture: 2 parts of common land, 1 organic composition part and 1 part of húmus, fulling almost until the edge of the vase. Step 3: It spreads a little of sand. As to plant: For changes of temperos (parsley, chive, manjerona), to locate them in intercalated way, in triangle form. For hortaliças it is possible to use dumb also or to plant from seeds, in this in case that, it follows the instructions of the packing. When to use changes, remembers fincar props to assist the vertical growth, especially in the case of the tomatoes. The organic composition must be made with esterco tanned of animals (to prevent I smell and insects) and vegetable remaining portions (vegetable rinds and fruits, small twigs, leves or cut gram). If it will not have as to make the composition in house, is possible to acquire ready, in store of farming products. To cultivate hortaliças in seedbeds: Step 1: To dig the ground with hoe or shovel, being left the well untied land and fofa. Step 2: To mix organic composition in the land already dug and fofa well. Step 3: To use a called tool wooden rake, to smooth the seedbeds and to give rounded off form. Step 4: To leave the seedbed 20 centimeters above of the level of the land. Step 5: The width of the seedbed must be of in the maximum 1,20 m. As to plant: To mark the espaçamentos (example: the lettuce feet must be two palmos one of the other). To locate the changes in intercalated way, in triangle form, to prevent the erosion. In the case of seeds, to mix them with sand and to spread with the hand on the ridges of the seedbed in the way more possible uniform. To water after that and at least a time to the day. If it will be a hot region, must be watered two times to the day until the changes to emerge. Attention: Húmus in the education of horta must be used composed always organic.

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